KnitPro Interchangeable Needles - Zing - Deluxe Set


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KnitPro Interchangeable Needles - Zing - Deluxe Set

 Product Description

Manufactured from superior grade, lightweight metal, KnitPro's Zing range strikes the perfect balance between utility and luxury. Beautifully smooth to the touch and with just the right amount of grip, your knitting will glide from one needle to the other without the danger of losing any stitches, speeding up your craft work and getting those projects finished faster. Available in a spectrum of vibrant, colour-coded sizes, every needle has a laser printed size, meaning you can spend less time searching for the right needle and more time crafting!

With this stunning Deluxe Set, featuring a large selection of popular sizes, it's never been easier to collect all your favourites. Set in a beautiful red and blue fabric display case, this set contains shanks in sizes:


  • 3.50mm
  • 4.00mm
  • 4.50mm
  • 5.00mm
  • 5.50mm
  • 6.00mm
  • 7.00mm
  • 8.00mm


  • 4 Cables (60cm/24", 2 of 80cm/32'' & 100cm/40'')
  • 8 End caps
  • 4 Cable keys
  • 1 Set of cable connectors