Regia 4-fadig 4ply Sock Yarn


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Schachenmayr Regia colour 4-thread. The colourful sock wool from Regia made from four twisted individual threads makes the ideal yarn thickness for hand-knitted socks. The hand knitting yarn is dimensionally stable, very durable and felt-free. A ball of REGIA sock wool can be used to knit many different types of socks such as socks, normal socks or knee socks. Product details: high-quality, stable and extremely durable sock wool. Needle size: 2-3 mm. Running length: 420/100 g. Stitch sample (10 x 10 cm): 30M x 42R. Average consumption: sweater = 500 g / socks up to size 46 = 100 g. Schachenmayr Regia has been standing for creative and innovative designs since 1822, inspiring different generations. The high quality hand knitting yarns in a wide range of products allow people around the world to realise their creative ideas. The yarns with high quality standards offer a wide variety of designs for the whole family. Regia is the sock expert for all sock yarns in all situations, for every target group, whether sock knitting beginner or expert.