Katia Easy Greek Sock Yarn


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Symmetric easy Greek sock yarn 150gram ball 410  25%  superwash 3-4pins recommended 30 degree wash 

75% wool‎
‎25% polyamide‎

150 g - 410 m

‎Recommended size of rods: 3-4 mm‎

‎Can be washed in the washing machine‎

‎Manufacturer: KATIA (Spain)‎

‎Sturdy variegated threads for knitting socks. A little thicker thread, so the weight of the ball is 150 g to drop 1 pair of socks from 1 ball.‎


‎Remove the yellow thread and start knitting the sock. Drop the sock of the required size. In order for the second sock to be the same, you need to repeat the same thing again, roll off the yellow thread and start knitting. There will be a beautiful pair of uniform socks.‎